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About JBF Maschinenbau

JBF Maschinenbau was founded in Germany in 1973 by Hans-Georg Joosten, Roland Buzengeiger and Kurt FargerOperation, who started out of a bus garage in Hohentengen-Ölkofen.

Today, JBF designs and manufactures modern automatic machines with the latest technologies in control and drive configurations.

JBF offers over 85 different machine types - exported globally - for the textile, ribbon, shredding and recycling industries.

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JBF 3850

JBF 38/50 Universal Shredder

JBF Universal Shredder

This type of shredding machine is designed for the shredding of hard discs, CD/DVD, video tapes, typewriter ribbon, retaining tape etc. A letter box slot at the hopper cover allows a secure and continuous feeding of the cutting goods. The large cutting zone with its size 380 x 500 mm allows high output rates.

30 mm knife width cares for small particle sizes. Outstanding data security can be reached with the application of a granulate screen (option) with screen size 6, 8, 10 mm etc., made of high-strength, wear-resistant special steel. The powerful 4,0 kW drive with gear motor allows high cutting performance by its enormous torque. A low shaft speed of 11 rpm avoids sparking inside the cutting unit and enables a low-noise and dust-minimized operation. Devided frame plates allow to lift the complete knife shafts out of the housing for quick exchange and maintenance. Auto reverse at overload with automatic restart. Machine stops after multiple reverses (adjustable). Direct drive of cutting shafts, thus less maintenance requested along with low dust sensitivity.

Basic frame for 240 l standard container (container not included). On request an infeed and exit band conveyor can be provided. Space-saving location of electrical cabinet, integrated inside machine frame. Infeed hopper and revision openings are protected with security switches against unauthorised access to the cutting zone.

CDs, computer hard drives and boards, carbon tapes, paper, card boards, files completely filled tin – and plastic cans, PET bottles, wood, wooden boxes, pallets, domestic waste metal and plastic chips car / truck-tires, glass, industrial waste, cables and electronic waste, plastic housings

JBF HD 38/50 clearly undercuts the latest DIN EN 15713:
30 mm² particle size for data security class 7 10 mm² particle size for data security class 8 possible with two-stage concept.

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