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About Boxis Shredders

"Our commitment to revolutionising productivity in our area of expertise, will help you be an expert in yours."

The Boxis™ AutoShred™ is a revolution in document destruction. Boxis is proud to bring to market the Boxis™ AutoShred™ series of paper shredders that has a paper capacity of up to 700 sheets at a time.

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Boxis R700 Autoshred

BoxisR700 Shredder

A Revolution in Shredding, Productivity and Security

The Boxis Autoshred is a revolution in document destruction with a paper tray capacity of 700 sheets. Boxis shredders feature an innovative paper feeder mechanism that grabs papers from the middle and feeds them into the solid steel cutters. The noise level is below 58 dB, so nobody nearby even knows a shredder is running. Automation of menial tasks has driven productivity for decades. Why stand in front of a shredder, feeding ten to twenty sheets at a time, then wait a minute to do it again? It is unproductive, boring and a waste of time. Let the machine do the work.

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